Led by the Head of the Center, Mr. Pon Maa Kishan A, and our esteemed Chairman, Dr Chinnu Palanivelu FCA, we had the unique opportunity to meet innovative minds who are shaping the future of entrepreneurship.

We had the pleasure of engaging with inspiring individuals like Dr. Dr.Aaliya Firdose of Easy Life Healthcare, who is using her brilliance to revolutionize the healthcare sector. Additionally, we were able to connect with Mr.Pyar Mohamed Baghdad, the pioneering founder of HighRices Technologies, whose visionary work is setting new standards in the tech industry.

The AMET Center was teeming with creativity and ambition, their well-equipped setups bristling with the promise of groundbreaking innovation. It was truly exciting to witness this hive of activity, and we are confident that these startups are on their way to making a substantial impact.

An exhilarating highlight of the event was the announcement of the center’s plan to attract investors from Singapore. This strategic move is proof of AMET Center’s determination to mark its significant role in the global startup ecosystem.

We want to express our sincere thanks to Sathya Priya Chidambaram, the India coordinator for Stamford Assurance PAC, whose unwavering support and presence throughout the day made this event even more meaningful.

At SSACCI – Singapore South Asia Chamber Of Commerce And Industry, we are privileged to be a part of this vibrant ecosystem at the AMET Center for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Incubation. We eagerly look forward to witnessing and supporting the remarkable journeys of these aspiring entrepreneurs.

Join us as we continue to foster innovation and collaboration, propelling these entrepreneurs to global success.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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