We are honored to have been part of the extraordinary Women & Business Excellence 2023 event organized by the LISHA Women’s Wing.

Witnessing the unity, empowerment, and celebration of achievements from women across diverse professions was truly an enlightening experience. The keynote by the esteemed Ms. Indranee Rajah, the Minister from the Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Finance, and Second Minister for National Development, truly underscored the potential and power of women driving economic growth and development.

The event also offered us a valuable opportunity to interact with the management committee of LISHA, including Mr Prakash, Founder and CEO of Wawa Fresh. We are excited about the constructive dialogue and the promising possibilities that emerged from our discussion. We see a bright future for an alliance between SSACCI and LISHA, one that fosters inclusive growth and business excellence.

Today, we took a significant stride towards a more equitable future. This is just the beginning. As we look ahead, we are committed to working alongside our partners to champion women’s contributions to the business sector and create an environment that fuels innovation, equality, and prosperity for all.

Stay tuned for more on this exciting partnership. Together, we will continue to break down barriers and transform the world for the better.

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