Ms Vithya K. Nagarajan

Board member

Ms Vithya is the Co-Director of Raj Food Industries (S) Pte Ltd, which is a spice manufacturing company and has been in the market for more than 40 years. Vithya has a finance and accounting and audit background and was working in one of the big four audit firm specialising in audit, assurance and internal audit. Vithya manages the business from scratch and has developed the business into the next level by introducing automation to the business and has restructured the entire business model with her knowledge.

Vithya is a passionate grassroots leader with the motive to serve them and to voice out for them. Vithya is into women empowerment and loves to motivate and help women. She used to be the auditor for Teck Ghee RN and is currently the chairman for Teck Ghee Horizon.

Vithya has does budgeting and takes financial decisions in her business and strategize precisely to overcome challenges that are being faced in the business.

This spice business was initially started 36 years ago by my parents as a small manufacturing company.

Today the company manufactures all sorts of spice mix like Meat Curry Powder, Fish Curry Powder, Pepper Powder Cinnamon Powder etc and all kind of spices to leading food and beverages company in Singapore and other parts of the world.

Vithya has upgraded the machineries abreast with the technology and the company has managed to secure even customers from overseas.

Vithya has received award for Mrs World Peace Singapore where she will be representing Singapore for world peace and furthermore being an active volunteer in Teck Ghee meet the people session she has received district award and other special awards for her contribution.