Deepalakshmi Ravichandran

Board member

Deepalakshmi Ravichandran is currently working as Associate Vice President with Laminaar Aviation Infotech Pte Ltd, Singapore. She is an award winning Aviation Tech enthusiast with 16 years of proven track record in delivering aviation projects, generating sales & additional revenue while establishing strategic vision and developing successful business opportunities for airlines in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe & Africa. Deepalakshmi is a visting faculty for various Aviation Colleges.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and Masters Degree in Business Administration specializing in Airline and Airport Management. She has co-authored a book on “Airline Financial Management” for IGNOU Univeristy.

She is heading the Finance Committee for Women in Aviation International, Singapore Chapter, a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of women in all aviation career fields and interests around the world. Deepalakshmi is crowned title winner of Mrs. Superwoman Singapore 2021 and Second Runner Up in Mrs. Singapore Beauty Queen 2021 National Pageant, an exclusive National Pagenat for married women residing in Singapore. She holds a World Record as “The first woman in the world to ride a bicycle for 100 days to raise awareness about the Meniere’s Disease” under Lincoln Book of Records.


She is the “International Pink Ambassador” for Breast Cancer Awareness Program of “India Turns Pink”, a non-profit organization dedicated for breast cancer awareness and advocates early detection of breast cancer. She has been awarded “She The warrior Award” on 8th March 2023, for her social work for being a regular scribe for kids with cognitive issues and visually impaired children. She has been listed by Portrait Businesswoman as “Top Voice on LinkedIn 2022”. Deepalakshmi plays a critical role in building Strategic Partnerships and Alliances for businesses.

This role involves developing and executing strategies to establish and maintain partnerships, collaborations, and alliances that contribute to the business’s growth, innovation, and competitive advantage. She formulates a comprehensive partnership strategy aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives. This includes identifying potential partners, evaluating their fit with the business’s mission, and defining the scope and nature of partnerships.

She identifies potential partners that can bring value to the organization in terms of resources, expertise, technology, market access, and other strategic advantages. She involves negotiating and structuring partnership agreements that outline the terms, responsibilities, benefits, and potential risks for both parties. She collaborates with various teams, such as business development, marketing, legal, finance, and R&D, to align partnership strategies with overall business objectives and to ensure seamless execution of partnership initiatives.

Deepalakshmi plays a role in identifying opportunities for innovation and growth that arise from collaborations. Her role is to identify opportunities to expand the company’s market presence by leveraging partner networks and resources to enter new markets or regions. She plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s strategic direction and contributing to highlevel decision-making. She works to identify and mitigate the risks through careful due diligence, contract terms, and ongoing monitoring.