Chevvanthi MN

It Technical Architect

Over 16 years of professional IT work experience to provide End to End solutions to build data warehouse and Data Lake Analytics space. Gained experience spanning from strategy development, product implementation, operations management and identification of enhancement areas. Besides delivering successful BI projects and creating new lines of work, extremely adept in developing client relationships and managing the complex dynamics of clients, employees, vendors and other stakeholders in large-scale EDW – BI engagements.


Area Of Expertise

Providing solutions typically involve software or technology systems and are designed to solve specific problems and improve specific processes within the company. Bring expertise in understanding business needs, optimizing existing systems, creating comprehensive documentation, selecting suitable technologies, coordinating stakeholders, and overseeing solution implementation and ensuring efficient and effective technology solutions for organizations.

Involving technical leadership in various aspects of data management such as Data Modeling and Database Design, Data Warehousing Solution Architecture ,Data Integration and Movement ,Business Intelligence ,Data Quality and Governance. Have ability to adapt to different industry domains and organizational contexts, ensuring their solutions align with business goals.

Responsible for designing the overall architecture of the ETL process, including the selection of appropriate technologies and tools to meet the organization’s requirements. Work closely with stakeholders, including business analysts and data scientists, to understand the data integration needs of the organization and translate those needs into technical requirements.

Had knowledge in enforce data quality standards to ensure that the data being integrated is accurate, consistent, and complete then involve implementing data validation rules, error handling mechanisms, and data cleansing processes.

Involved monitor the performance and health of ETL processes and take proactive measures to address issues such as data latency, errors, or system failures. Involved document the ETL architecture, processes, and workflows to facilitate knowledge sharing and future maintenance and also provide training to other team members on how to use and maintain the ETL infrastructure.

Involved to evaluate Vendor Management their expedite and handling multiple vendor’s project execution

Involved PRE-SALES activity to drive proposal documentation and driving the TM and Fixed biding billing tasks .