Satya Priya Chidambaram


Ms.C.Satya Priya is having 15 years of experience as a passionate Educationalist HR Professionalist, Employee Counsellor and Student Counsellor. She is well known for her interactive sessions. As a certified POSH Consultant, she specializes in creating awareness and fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect within organizations. She is committed in ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards while enhancing employee well-being.
Satya Priya graduated her Master of Computer Applications from Anna University. She conducted regular Social audits of HR practices to ensure complying with legal requirements and recommended improvements for optimization. She provides guidance to management and employees on HR policy, procedure and best practices. Thus contributing to much more informative and empowered work force collaborated with management, resulting with various initiatives.


Satya Priya is proficient in conducting and engaging the employees informative workshops on preventing sexual harassment, educating them about their rights, responsibilities and organizational policies. She is skilled in handling sensitive employee relations issues, conflict resolution and creating open channels of communication to address concerns.
Satya Priya is well experienced in crafting and implementing anti-harrasement , diversity and inclusion policies to foster a respectful work place. She is having a profound understanding of labor laws, regulations and policies related to workplace. She is aware of various code of conduct in workplaces and ensure employee safety that needs organization legal requirements work place conduct and safety, ensuring organizations legal meet requirements.
Satya Priya is honored as a chief guest to various industries, colleges and schools. She is best at providing motivational speech. She is identified as a iconic speaker among the various government college students. She is also invited as a speaker in Josh Talks. She is an External member of ICC at few leading garments and textile industry. She is a registered and authorized person in the Ministry of Women and Child Development of India.